Conférence 2.0 : Arthrite et immunodéficience : la recherche du gène perdu

mardi 08 septembre 2020 | Activités

Présentée par l’axe Inflammation-Douleur du CRCHUS

Présentée par : Hugues Allard-Chamard, M.D. , Ph. D., FRCPC, rhumatologue

Chercheur, axe Inflammation-Douleur, Centre de recherche du CHUS

Résumé | Primary ImmunoDeficiency related Inflammatory Arthritis (PID-IA) is a relatively newly described form of IA with most subsets described after 2010. Diagnosis of PID-IA is often delayed and perhaps even more concerning, patients with PID-IA are often labeled with alternative rheumatologic diagnoses. We aim at identifying the molecular and genetic basis of PID-IA in order to create tools to guide physician to readily identify and treat PID-IA. We also aim at developing individualized treatment regimen founded on the genetic and immunologic defect identified in each subset of PID-IA.

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